Home Heating Seasonal Checklist

There are many reasons to maintain the efficiency of your heating system, none the least of which is the money it can save you. And think about this: how important will it be to you and your family on those sub-zero WNY winter days and nights to know your system is running safely and smoothly?


Here are 9 things you can do to prepare for the Winter season:

  • Check and change your filter.

  • Change your thermostat batteries.

  • Switch your thermostat from cooling to heating.

  • Take out window screens and install storm windows.

  • Inspect your chimney. Consider bringing in a pro fessional especially if you burn wood in your fireplace.

  • Make sure the burners are  free of cobwebs, debris and dust. Check for misalignment and rust.

  • If an older unit, oil the blower motor.

  • Make sure your thermostat  is working properly.

  • Check all heating vents to make sure they are completely uncovered.


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Systems cleaned by professionals will work better and more efficiently. That will save you money.